Booktrib's Bites: Four Reads to Kick Off Autumn


(NewsUSA) - Henderson HouseHenderson House by Caren Simpson McVicker

An enchanting boardinghouse tale of sisters, secrets, and later-in-life romance, Henderson House invites readers to pull up a rocking chair and lose themselves in the heartaches and hopes of 1940s Oklahoma.

In May 1941, Bartlesville, Oklahoma, hums with talk of spring flowers, fishing derbies, and the growing war in Europe. And for the Blackwell sisters, who reside in a quiet neighborhood boardinghouse, the winds of change are blowing.

Mrs. Henderson, the landlady, cook, and adopted matriarch of the Blackwell clan, possesses an uncanny intuition about all her boarders. She knows true love when she sees it. But soon her vision becomes clouded as Florence schemes to undermine her sister's budding romance. In a desperate attempt to keep Bessie by her side, Florence exposes the sisters' darkest secret – a secret that will change their lives, and the lives of those they love. Purchase at

little greenThe Little Green Armchair and Tales of Echo Forest by Lisa Luttrell
A beautiful Spring morning in Echo Forest is the setting for three sentimental journeys of blossoming friendships, courage and enduring love. The Little Green Armchair illustrates how solitude, peacefulness and nature create connections that span a lifetime.

In The Windy Day Picnic, Primrose Possum and her little possum family exhibit the extent to which a parent will go to make sure her children are safe at the end of a long adventure. And, finally, Neville, The Thirsty Little Stinkbug, provides a little story about how wonderful friendships can be created and blossom out of troubled situations.

“Multiple whimsical plot lines are woven together to create a magical tale. The author lets your imagination run wild with characters that come to life,” says one reviewer. The Kops Fetherling International Gold Award Winner for 2020. Purchase at

Soldier onSoldier On by Bracha Horovitz

A true story about what it means to be a woman, and how the heat of hardships can forge strong character.

The daughter of an Auschwitz survivor, author Bracha Horovitz set her heart on living a life that would honor her family, her community, and her heritage. At eighteen, Bracha joined the Israel Defense Forces. Intense military training taught her that women, too, can be fierce fighters. Then she was selected to participate in the Miss Israel beauty pageant, raising new questions about the meaning of womanhood and her purpose in life.

Bracha married an honorable, entrepreneurial man. They seemed to have it all—lucrative careers, a happy marriage, and a small family. Invited to work in the U.S., they struggled to maintain their Israeli identity while adapting to cross-cultural life. But then tragedy struck. Purchase at

Shit coverShit That We Should Never Pass Along, and All That We Cannot Leave Behind by MJ Boin De 

In late 1980s rural Kansas, Mara takes on more than she can chew. Mara’s mother is a woman ahead of her own time when it comes to the investigative day job she holds and her progressive take of thoughts on the day’s larger social issues. Mara’s mother divorces her abusive stepfather and moves with Mara and her two youngest sisters from city life to a new rural awakening.

 An authentic throwdown between the Baby Boomer and Gen Xers, delving into childhood abuse, racism, abortion, religion, higher education, and ensuring those familial elitists we all know are set for the next generation of epic failure and loss. Sure to infuriate all comers, keep everyone laughing and crying in equal measures. Intended for mature audiences over 25 years. Purchase at